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Camelot Theme Park 2018: Abandoned Theme Park In Chorley

In 2018 The Camelot Theme Park Stands Abandoned and In Ruins

The Camelot Theme Park is no longer a fairy tale attraction, the once magical theme park now stands abandoned and in ruins. So why did the Camelot theme park close and will it ever reopen?

Nature is taking back the land where the popular theme park once stood, all that’s left are decapitated statues, graffiti covered walls and decaying rollercoasters – it certainly isn’t the popular attraction it once used to be!

The theme park, Located in Chorley, Lancashire, closed it’s doors to the public in 2012 and our video and photos show what the eerie remains look like in 2018.

Many of the rides at the park have already been dismantled but the large roller coaster known as the Knightmare still stands in a decaying state. The large roller coaster is now surrounded by barbed fences after teenagers were caught constantly climbing on the dangerous structure.

The owners of the theme park have said that they closed it down due to bad weather and high profile events such as the 2012 Olympics taking away their visitors…but other people believe it was closed due to a number of accidents on dangerous rides.

Since the theme park has been closed since 2012 it’s looking very unlikely that it will ever reopen; not as the same theme park anyway.

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