Foreign Shores

Water Reservoir near Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Isn’t it great at the end of your holiday to have a late afternoon flight home and you have time to fit in one more explore? So here we have a dried up water reservoir on the island of Gran Canaria. I had no prior knowledge of it at all, we’d actually drove up into the mountains near Las Palmas airport to visit some caves. And as these caves were quite high up, we could make out some water reservoirs in the distance. One was full in the opposite direction to this one. This one looked empty.

So I make my way down to it, it seemed to take ages, but boy it didn’t disappoint once I reached it. The wall was high from the outside, probably around 8ft. I find something to stand on so I can reach the top, and climbed up onto the wall. The drop on the other side was so deep, I’d say 50-60ft. In the opposing corner I could see stairs, just coming out the wall like in The Truman Show. There was also a 3ft ledge running round the entire perimeter. Unfortunately vertigo was kicking in so I wasn’t comfortable walking round the ledge to the stairs.

So I climbed back down and walked the perimeter to the opposing corner. Time to leave my boy with his mum, I’m going in……..


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