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Visting Kirkdale Cave Near Kirbymoorside Completely Unprepared For The 3ft High Caves.

After finding out about an ancient cave at Kirkdale, near Kirbymoorside in North Yorkshire we had to go take a look. We were totally unprepared for the tiny 3ft high caves and had to crawl our way through. We have no idea how deep these caves go, we need to revisit with better equipment to be able to crawl for a decent amount of time.

The caves do have some interesting history though! The caves were originally discovered by some workmen in 1821 who found the caves to contain fossilised bones from a variety of different animals that are no longer existing in the UK. Animal fossils that were found include a Hippopotamus, Elephant and numerous cave Hyenas.

William Buckland determined that the bones were from animals that were brought into the cave by Hyenas that had been using the cave for a den. Buckland reconstructed the ancient eco-system after detailed analysis of the fossil evidence and is considered to be a fine example of how geohistorical research should be conducted.

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