Urbex Yorkshire – Abandoned Electronics Factory Gristhorp North Yorkshire


Brief History Of The Abandoned Factory In Gristhorp

A few miles outside Filey, near Scarborough in North Yorkshire sits an abandoned electronics factory in a small village called Gristhorp. The once thriving factory is now a gastly sight of urban decay.

The factory, Dale Power Solutions part of TT Electronics, was once a busy factory that produced electrical equipment and components. It was closed down in 2003 and has been left to the will of nature ever since.

Prime Example Of Urban Decay – Nature Is Taking This Land Back!

The factory floor is covered in water and the local seagulls have clearly taken it over. The seagulls live in the areas where the roof as caved in and make one hell of a racket.

As we progressed to the reception and office areas of the floors and ceilings were caving in so we had to be extra careful to avoid falling through the floors.

The worst of the decay was to come as we went further up the office block to the top floor. On the top floor there was an entire ecosystem with weeds and mould growing from the floors and the walls, the smell was bad, the air was warm and damp and you can only imagine how many spores were floating around in those rooms.

This video was our first ever explore, over time we are becoming more expieneced with urbex filming and our videos are improving. Please check out our more recent work from the home page.

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