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St Crispin’s Mental Hospital Is A Creepy Old Abandoned Asylum In Northampton

St Crispin’s is an abandoned Mental Asylum in Northampton with stories going back well over 100 years. Many people believE ghosts are haunting what now stands as a rotting part to British history.

The old mental hospital, established in 1876, is located in Dustons. Crispin’s was originally called Berry Wood Asylum. Bairstow Eves has some involvement in the re-development of St Crispin’s but we are unsure what their involvement is.

Times have changed since Crispin’s was opened, back in those days mental illness wasn’t understood as much as it is now and the building was used in a lot of cases to lock up people who were considered an inconvenience to society. In those days people were being locked up for ridiculous things and treated in an inhumane manner – as shown in the image below. Today however, we no longer refer to them as Asylums but rather Psychiatric Hospitals where we should not longer be treating patients as an inconvenience and helping them with their struggles.

stupid reasons people used to be locked up in asylums
Stupid Reasons People Used To Be Locked Up. These People Were Treated In An Inhumane Manner.

The grounds of the hospital and the surrounding areas are in heavy development to include a new psychiatric hospital and lots of residential housing. The grounds of St Crispin’s Mental Asylum originally incorporated a farm complex, gas works, burial ground, cottages for attendants and other staff managing the estate.

The asylum is still stood in a rotting state and made a very creepy explore. Urban legends tell creepy stories of this building including that it’s haunted. Unfortunately we didn’t come across anything that we could class the place as being haunted, however the atmosphere and strange noises in the building would make for an exciting ghost hunt on a dark winter night.

We didn’t notice a noose hanging from one of the ceilings until after we had edited the footage, we found it rather strange how we both walked right past it without noticing; was it even there while we were in the building? Check it out at 10:18 on the video.  Perhaps this is what the stories mean about it being haunted, do things actually move around behind your back here?

One of our main goals on our explore of St Crispin’s was the tall clock tower, after research before our visit we expected to be able to climb a ladder to the top but, unfortunately the authorities had already removed the lower part of the old metal ladder so we were unable to gain access to the top.




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