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Scarborough Sun Bathing Chalets

To many, the old derelict Sunbathing pavilion on Scarborough’s seafront, is nothing but an eyesore. But I can’t help but marvel at it’s beauty in simplicity. Interestingly enough, this non listed building is sat in the middle of a number of Grade II listed historical structures. The first being the Victorian Spa complex. Then there is the cliff lift, thought to be one of the first of its kind. It was built in 1875. Further on past the sunbathing building is the colourful and derelict Victorian beach huts. This is one of only two listed beach huts in the country. To top it off, behind and up the cliff is a listed cafe called The Clock Cafe and even the gardens leading up the cliff are listed.

The Sun Bathing building stood immediately above a columned section on the beach and was an area of Scarborough’s south bay known as ‘Children’s Corner’. It was built in the 1920’s. It comprised of a two tier row of chalets, with a watch tower at one end and a toilet block at the other. The tower housed a staircase up to the first floor chalets/changing rooms, then to the roof level.  It also housed the superintendent’s office that had a hatch overlooking the beach. His job included dealing with chalet bookings, and lost children, hence the name Children’s Corner.

The flat roof is where the sunbathing element came into it. Sunbathers would lie on the roof, soaking up the sun’s rays.

It is said that the sun baths have been closed for more than 25 years. We however found stacks of deck chair rental receipts dated in the 1970’s. What was odd is that we found a rather new looking electrical board inside. The toilet block at the other end is actually still in operation, so maybe its supplying them.

If you are interested in exploring the Sun Bathing Pavilion we are happy to explain how we gained entry, but in the interest of not ruining the experience for other explorers we have restricted this information to registered users on our website. Please register here or login here to view the details.

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