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RAF Stenigot Abandoned Radar Dishes Are Amazing, Worth The Muddy Explore!

Exploring The RAF Stenigot Abandoned Second World War Radar Dishes In Lincolnshire

World War II is one of the most remembered historical moments in human history and makes a fascinating study; we simply couldn’t miss these WWII awe inspiring masterpieces of engineering whilst urban exploring in Lincolnshire.

RAF Stenigot was a fully functional radar station during World War II situated near Donington on Bain at Stenigot, Lincolnshire. Access to the dishes was fairly straight forward although the weather and ground conditions made it a very wet and sticky journey.

Stenigot was part of a larger network, called Chain Home radar network, that provided long range, early warnings against air raid attacks from Luftflotte 5 (the primary division of the German Luftwafffe). The four tropospheric scatter dishes weren’t added to the site until 1959 when Stenigot was upgraded as part of the ACE Hight programmer to a communications relay site.

RAF Stenigot Radar Dishes
Showing How The RAF Stenigot Tropospheric Scatter Dishes Used To Look

In the 1980s the site at Stenigot was decommissioned and by the mid-90s for the most part was demolished. The dishes in the photo above are no longer standing tall and working away, they now lie silent in the dirt (photo below).

RAF Stenigot Radar Dishes 2018
What Remains Of RAF Stenigot Radar Dishes

The radar tower is a now a Grade II Listed structure used by the RAF Aerial Erector School for running selection tests for new recruits.

Photos Of RAF Stenigot

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