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History Of Park Hill Flats – Abandoned Estate In Sheffield Being Regenerated

Park Hill Flats – Sat in the Park Hill Estate in Sheffield is a council estate, not technically abandoned, but empty for renovations. Park Hill is one of the 7 hills that Sheffield is built upon. Construction of the estate began in 1957, with part one opening in 1961. Before this Park Hill consisted of back to back housing, wasteland and quarries.


The design of Park Hill Estate is somewhat unique. The 995 flats and maisonettes, along with 4 pubs and 31 shops, were built in four ranges with bridges linking each building along the upper floors. The buildings were designed with obtuse angles so as to maximize panoramic views of Sheffield and the Pennines.

Grade II Listed

The buildings of the Park Hill estate were granted Grade II Listed status in 1998, making it the largest listed building in Europe. The decision to list the estate was controversial at the time and continued to attract criticism. In 2009 The Guardian did a press piece calling the move absurd.

Moments of Fame

  • A piece of graffiti was the subject of a BBC Radio 4 documentary in 2011.
  • Featured on Channel 4 Programme Demolition, in which it made ‘The Dirty Dozen’, as voted for by the public. Viewers voted for the buildings they wanted to see demolished and rebuilt.
  • Appeared in Police 2020, a one-off TV pilot.
  • Artic Monkeys used the estate for a few scenes of their music video for When The Sun Goes Down
  • Another BBC programme called Saving Britain’s Past, documented the estates past.
  • In 2014 the film ’71 used the buildings to depict Belfast’s infamous Divis Tower during the Northern Ireland Conflict.
  • Pulp’s song Sheffield Sex City made reference to Park Hill.
  • Eagulls used it as their debut album cover.
  • This is England 90, a TV series used the estate as location for Harvey and Gadget’s flat.

How We Got Inside Park Hill Estate

If you are interested in exploring the Park Hill Estate we are happy to explain how we gained entry, but in the interest of not ruining the experience for other explorers we have restricted this information to registered users on our website. Please register here or login here to view the details.

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