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The Old Railway Station At Hayburn Wyke Is Now Just An Overgrown Platform

After finding out about an old, disused railway station at Hayburn Wyke, North Yorkshire, we decided to go and have a good look. We were expecting to find an old platform and station/ticket house set back behind the overgrown forestry, just before you hit the bottom where the Hayburn Wyke Inn sits, but instead all we found was an overgrown and very old platform; you can’t even get on to it!

abandoned railway station hayburn wkye original photo
The Hayburn Wyke Railway Station as it looked in 1910

The station opened in 1885 and was used as part of the Scarborough & Whitby rail with this particular platform located on the ‘up’ side of the track. In 1887 the NER complained to the Scarborough & Whitby Railway Company about the platforms being built of wood and completely inadequate. This forced the SWR to build a new station on the ‘down’ side of the track in the same location.

decaying railway platform hayburn wkye

In 2017 the platform is extant but overgrown. The original fencing actually still stands at the back of the platform and the concrete that supports the ‘running in’ board still exists at the south end of the platform.

hayburn wyke railway station modern
This is how the Hayburn Wkye railway platform looks today. It’s overgrown and barely visible.

A brief look at the history of the station shows that it was in fact a late arrival to the railway scene when it opened on the 16th July 1885. The station opened a long time after the original proposal was made to open the line between Scarborough and Whitby in 1848.

The line proved a challenge to build in it’s location due to the hilly topography and difficulty finding an economical location for the tracks. Eventually a bull was put before Parliament and received Royal Assent on 5th July 1865 which authorised the incorporation of the Scarborough & Whitby Railway.

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