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Mountfield House, Musbury – Why Was Mountfield House Abandoned?

A Brief History Of Mountfield House, Musbury

Mounfield House, Musbury is an old abandoned 13 bedroom mansion that was built in 1865. The mansion is situated in the quiet village of Musbury, near Axminster in Devon. As i was in the area for one day only, i was adamant I’d fit in an explore before leaving. So I did a little search on Google and picked this house to visit. It didn’t disappoint. It was a great location, with plenty to see.

Why Was Mountfield House Abandoned?

The building was granted Grade II listed status on March 10th 1981. In it’s latter years, it had been converted into several apartments. The main bulk of the building I believe was divided into three 2-bedroom, 2-storey apartments. I have also read reference to a basement flat and 2 upper apartments with panoramic views over the harbour & estuary. However these claims I can’t verify as I didn’t get to explore them. To be quite honest it took me a fair time to find any stairs at all.

Let’s take a look.


The property is owned by Dr Annette Mary Drummond-Rees, a Chartered Physiotherapist with the NHS for 35 years. Born in March 1932, she studied at Guy’s Hospital, London between 1949 and 1953. She later became Senior Manager in 1971.

Much like her once fabulous house, latter years haven’t been so kind to Dr Drummond-Rees. In 1995 the Doctor was convicted and fined for ‘Electronically Unsound Equipment’ in another property she owned, a holiday cottage in Lyme Regis. It is said to be the first case of it’s kind. (Unsure whether that’s referring to county or country)

In 1996 she became a widow, losing her beloved Hnery at the age of 82. She was then further arrested in 1997 for failing to pay her fines from two years earlier. (£250 fine & £1180 costs, totaling £1430)

In February this year the house was put up for auction with a guide price of £95,000. However it was withdrawn shortly before the auction was due to take place.

Here are some shots of the hundreds of artifacts inside.


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