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    3 phases 50 HZ YZL series AC vertical vibration motor from professional manufacturer
    General introdution:

    Vibration motor is combined with the power source and the vibration source as one of the vibration source, vibration motor is the installation of a set of adjustable eccentric shaft at both ends of the rotor, the use of high-speed rotating shaft and the eccentric block to get the centrifugal force generated by the excitation force.
    Functions — vibration motor
    Vibrating motor is a common vibrating source for various vibrating machines, suchas vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, oscillating conveyor, vibratory shakeout machine, vibrating shaking table and so on. It is widely used in electric power,building materials, coal, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, foundry and other industries.
    Notable features — vibration motor
    * Relatively small size , light weight , low energy consumption, optimized structure , easy maintenance.
    * Stable vibration , low noise , high efficiency, and does not require complicated transmission .
    * Exciting force can be adjusted within a certain range , to meet the requirements of different working conditions .
    * Quick start , smooth shutdown .
    * The overall structural strength and stiffness . Fully enclosed structure , good sealing performance dust more suitable for the occasion .
    Application — vibration motor

    1. Sieving equipment : linear vibrating sieve ,sieve mining ,coal washing sieve ,sieve abrasives,chemic sieve.
    2. Conveying equipment : vibration conveyor ,conveyor drying vibration ,vibration vertical lifting machine.
    3. Feeding equipment : vibratory feeder, vibrating hopper machine ,vibration mining machine ,vibration filling machine .
    4. Other equipment : vibration fluidized bed, vibration platform.Six Poles Middle Flange Vertical Vibrator Motor

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