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    General Introduction of the pipe production line
    Φ140 high-frequency welded pipe production line is designed to produce welded pipes of 76~140mm in diameter and 3.0~7.0mm in wall thickness as well as square and rectangular pipes and formed sections of the corresponding size.
    Main Technical Specifications of the pipe production line
    Main Specifications:
    Pipe Diameter: Φ76~Φ140 mm
    Wall Thickness: 3.0~ 7.0mm
    Pipe Length: 6~ 12m
    Raw Material Conditions:
    low carbon steel
    Mechanical Characteristics:
    σb≤630Mpa σs≤420Mpa
    Width of Strip: 240 ~ 440mm
    Thickness of strip: 3.0 ~ 7.0mm
    Inner Diameter of Coil: 570 ~640 mm
    Outer Diameter of Coil: 1300-1800mm
    Weight of Coil: ≤10t
    Forming Speed: Max 50m/min
    Technological Process of the pipe production line
    Uncoiling → Shearing → handed welding→ Storing in accumulator →leveling →Forming → Welding → Bead Scraper→Cooling → Sizing→straighten → Flying saw cutting → Pipe collecting
    Main Equipment and Main Data of the pipe production line
    Firmer Diameter of Coil ,mmΦ570-640 mm
    Outer Diameter of Coil ,mm1300- 1800mm
    Width of strip ,mm200~360mm
    Weight of Coil , max ,ton10 T
    Shearing Welding Machine
    Rate of feed ,mm/min3500mm/min
    Thickness of Strip ,mm3.0~7.0mm
    Shearing ForceMax 150 T
    Max welding time8 min
    Min welding time3 min
    welding table
    Spiral Accumulator
    Feeding Speed ,max ,m/min150M/min
    Accumulator Inner and Outer Dia.2500mm ,7500mm
    Accumulator Height2.6 m
    Storage capacity300 -500m
    Feeding speedMin 150m/min
    Motor, kW110 kw
    Forming and Sizing Mill
    MaterialLow carbon steel & low alloy steel
    σb≤630Mpa σs≤420Mpa
    Diameter of Pipe ,mmΦ76~Φ140 mm
    Thickness of Strip ,mm3.0~7.0mm
    Width of Strip ,mm240~440mm
    Main Motor Power ,KwDC200KW×2sets,
    forming standshorizontal φ130mm,42CrMo
    vertical φ70mm,40Cr
    sizing standshorizontal φ130mm,42CrMo
    Vertical φ70mm,40Cr
    Seam Guide Roll Stand1set
    Squeeze Roll Stand3Roll
    Bead Scraper1 set
    Cooling ZoneSpray and water bath
    Gear Boxuse helical arc gears, material: 20CrMnTi (quenching treatment)
    universal couplingAdoupted special automobile transmission shafts
    Thickness of Pipe ,mm3.0~7.0 mm
    Roll Shaft Material40Cr
    Flying Saw
    General Flying Saw
    Outer Diameter of Pipe, max, mmΦ140 mm
    Wall Thickness, max, mm7.0 mm
    Cut-to-length, m4~12m
    Cutting Motor Power, kWAC 110kW
    Cutting Accuracy, mm-0, +4mm
    Cutting SpeedMax 8 times/Min
    Running Distance of flying Saw Car4 m
    Roller Material :Cr12
    Roller Hardness: HRC 58-62
    Surface Roughness: Max 0.8um
    Q: Can you make the machine according to my design or prototype?
    A: Yes, we have an experienced team for working out the most suitable design and production plan for the machine that you are going to book with us.Pipe Mill

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