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    Product information:
    CNC punching machine PVC brush plate
    Board colorGray, black, white, etc.
    Board sizeCustomized on request
    Sheet shapeCustomized on request
    Brush wire diameter0.15mm—0.5mm
    Brush wire colorBlack, red, blue, yellow, etc.
    Brush wire materialnylon
    Brush wire length10mm—40mm
    Bristle spacingCustomized on request
    Product description
    ● The punching plate brush can effectively prevent the friction between the material and the work surface, so that the surface of the material is always smooth.
    ● The brush of the CNC punching plate brush is anti-static, which can ensure that the material does not absorb a lot of dust.
    Product Usage
    CNC punching machine
    Customer questions & answers
    Question: The CNC punching brush is very heavy. What kind of logistics does the brush usually send? How many days does the brush need to be received?
    Answer: The size of the punching plate brush is quite large. We will communicate with customers in advance about the logistics company that needs to be sent to the brush.CNC Punch Press Brush Free Sample

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