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    Double Cone Vacuum Dryer Introduction
    Double Cone Vacuum Dryer is a new generation of drying device developed by our factory in the field of similar domestic products. Double Cone Vacuum Dryer is equipped with a belt and chain polarization connecting method, so the equipment runs smoothly. Specially designed tooling that fully reflects the good concentricity of both shafts, rotary joints for heat media and vacuum systems all using proven American technology. On this basis, we have developed the SZG-A, which offers both stepless speed regulation and constant temperature control.
    As a professional manufacturer of drying equipment, we serve more than 100 Taiwan customers a year. Our products range from high-temperature HTF to HTM, medium temperature steam and low temperature hot water. Drying sticky material, the field will be specially designed for you in the tank “copy board” mechanism or set the ball.

    Principle of Double Cone Vacuum Dryer
    In closed mezzanine access to heat energy (such as hot water, low pressure, steam or heat transfer oil), the heat passed through the inner shell was dried material.
    Driven by the power, the can body rotates slowly, and the material in the canister is continuously mixed to achieve the purpose of strengthening the drying.
    Material in a vacuum state, the vapor pressure drops so that the material surface of the water (solvent) to saturation and evaporation, and timely discharge by the vacuum pump recovery. Moisture (solvent) inside the material continue to penetrate the surface, evaporation, discharge, the three processes continue to material in a very short period of time to achieve the purpose of drying.

    Double Cone Vacuum Dryer Features
    1.Oil heating, the use of automatic temperature control, biochemical products and mineral raw materials can be dried, the temperature can be 20 ℃ -160 ℃.
    2.High thermal efficiency, more than 2 times higher than the average oven.
    3.Indirect heating, the material will not be contaminated, in line with “GMP” requirements. Equipment maintenance easy, easy to clean.

    General chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries powder, granular and fibrous material concentration, mixing, drying, and the need for low-temperature drying of materials (such as biochemical products), more suitable for easy oxidation, volatile, heat sensitive, intense stimulation, Toxic materials and does not allow the destruction of crystalline materials drying.

    Product advantages
    According to the standard manufacturing process to ensure product quality
    The company specializes in technology and specializes in quality
    Companies tailor-made for their customers
    Use high quality materials to produce high quality products

    Our Service
    1.Fast response to after-sales service – One to one engineer technical support.
    2.Adhering to the consistent service concept and spirit
    3.Provide customers with better product information, industry trends, technical support.
    4.Provide excellent after-sales service for the use of the product.Drying Equipment

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