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    The surface of the 1080 tile is made of ASA ultra high weather ability engineering resin. The color is rich and enduring, aesthetically pleasing, stereo sense is strong, Roman tile was modified based on the traditional Western tile, construction purl-in spacing increases, save construction costs, and Rome tile’s own surface design to make it has a lotus self-cleaning effect, in the modern antique building and its wide range of applications. Type 1080 tile is a roofing tile that is often used in Europe and America.

    Royal 1080
    Actual width: 1080mm
    Effective width: 940mm
    Recommended Thickness: Housing panel 2.5mm, 3.0mm
    Purl-in Spacing: Roofing ≤660mm
    Section Length: 328mm
    Use: can be used for roof panels, antique building

    Data sheet
    Modelactual widthwave heightwave distancenumber of waves
    Royal 720720301605
    Royal 880880301606
    Royal 10401040301607
    Royal 10801080401886
    Factory and package roofing material supplier

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