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    Product Introduction
    This Clamped type sewage electromagnetic flow meter was adopted new type health lining material, to prevent the measuring medium residue in the measuring tube pile is easy to remove, maintenance and cleaning. Do signal processing using 16-bit embedded microcontroller processor, with high integration, fast calculation speed, high accuracy, fully digital signal processing, strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement etc.
    Product Details
    Specification(Model No.: EMF8304 )
    Model nameEMF8304-
    Electrode316L, HB, HC, TI, TA, PT,
    Lining materialRubber, PTFE, F46, Polyurethane (pu)
    Protection gradeIP65, IP67, IP68
    StructureIntegrated and split type
    Output signal4-20ma /RS 485 /hart
    Power supply24VDC / 220VAC /battery supply
    Explosion gradeEXdIIBT4
    Product Features
    Product Field Application
    Package & Delivery
    PackageStandard cartons or wooden cases
    DeliveryWithin 3-5 working days
    ShipmentDoor to door(DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX/EMS…), By air, By sea
    Our Service and Warranty
    Customer Show
    Friendly Tips: If you are interested in our electromagnetic flow meter please fill the below blank space your detailed requirements. GALLOP team would reply you within 1 hours.
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