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    MODBUS Temperature and Humdity Transmitter
    Features of MODBUS temperature and humdity transmitter
    ●Output: RS485
    ●Indicator: LCD
    ●Application: used as room measurement occasions like homes, buildings, museums, industrial field measurement, offices,shopping malls, supermarkets, production workshop, warehouse
    Specifications of MODBUS temperature and humdity transmitter
    Power supply9~15VDC
    Output signaRS485
    Temperature range-40~80℃
    Humidity range0~100%RH
    Accuracy≤± 0.5℃@25℃,
    ±3%RH (30~80%RH@ 25℃)
    Other humidity range ≤±5%RH
    Working temperature range-20~+60℃, no condensationHumdity And Temperature Transmitter Vendors

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