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    Product Name: Sea Buckthorn Fruit Powder
    Alias´╝ÜSea Buckthorn Powder / Sea Buckthorn Juice Powder
    Botanical Source: Hippophae rhamnoides Linn.
    Water Solubility: 100%
    Identification: TLC
    Part Used: 100% Fruit
    Certified Status: Kosher,Halal
    Application: Food & beverage,blend
    Processing Steps: Grinding fruit bodies , squeeze juice ,filtering,concentration, spraying drying, sieving and pulverizing,detecting,packing,warehouse.
    Grade: 100% Natural & Authentic
    Processed by wild seabuckthorn berry. Feint yellow, characteristic flavor of sea buckthorn fruit.
    The nutrient component of sea buckthorn fruit is extremely plentiful including flavone compounds, organic acid, and many kinds of vitamin such as carotene, VC, VE, VB1, and VB2, various kinds of microelement and 18 kinds of amino acid needed by the body.
    Genetic modification / irradiation / general statements:
    This product was genetically modified: No
    This product was produced from GMO raw materials: No
    This product was irradiated: No
    This product contains nanoparticles: No
    This product is safe for human consumption: Yes

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