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    Hangzhou GlenTree Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
    Strength of company
    In order to ensure the maximum quality and performance of the products, GlenTree imports the advanced technique, testing machine and other hardware devices. Till now, GlenTree has been certified with ISO9001, ISO14001 management system, and all the products have passed CE, RoHS, GS, CQC, TUV etc. approvals. Moreover, most models have obtained appearance patent, national utility patent and invention patent

    By adopting unique technologies、design concept、strict quality management and reasonable prices, GlenTree has obtains reputation by more and more international famous air purification brands and praises from its domestic and abroad consumers. And it has developed into their long-term OEM&ODM business partner.
    Applied Technology
    Currently, the market is filled with a variety of purifying products with various technologies, such as high voltage discharge technology (Ionizer and Ozone), ESP technology (Electrostatic dust precipitator ) , HEPA Filters, etc. Each technology has its own advantages and uniqueness, as well as disadvantages. GlenTree products fully make use of the advantages of those technologies, and also neatly combine them, so the products can be applied in the most appropriate situations, for example, the products are widely applied in home, office, school, hotel, hospital, shopping malls, cars and other public places. By applying the targeted product, indoor air quality is greatly improved, which prevent people from various pollutants in daily life.
    GlenTree’s products have access to hundreds of domestic and international certificates, for example, ISO9001, CE, RoHS, UL, GS, CQC, TUV, etc.
    Products Categories
    GlenTree has more than 10 categories of products, which includes Household Air Purifiers, Car Air Purifiers, Wearable Ionizer Air Purifiers, Refrigerator/Closet Air Sterilizers, Kitchen and Bathroom Air Purifiers, Fruits and Vegetables Detoxification Machines, Aroma Diffuser, Humidifiers and other environmental protection products.

    These products can be widely applied in home, hotel, office, school, hospital, store and other public places. By using these products, indoor air quality can be greatly improved, preventing people from various pollutants in daily life.
    Till now, GlenTree’s products have been exported to more than 28 different countries and regions, for example, America, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Sweden, Swiss, Spain, UK, France, Germanay, Holland, Russia, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore, Taiwan, etc.China Indoor Toilet Air Purifier Ozone Generator

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