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    Precision Steel Coil Straightener
    Company Information
    Shenzhen Fanty Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of coil feed line. Our main product is coil steel straightener, servo feeder, decoiler, compact press feeding line, fast servo feeder system, high speed press and related automatic periphery equipment.
    Precision Steel Coil Straightener Introduction
    In the metal stamping industry, many punched metal sheet stamping parts are highly deformed, and the metal sheet products after laser cutting will also have great deformation. In the sheet metal processing industry, the shearing machine, CNC computerized flat products and many sheet metal products will be deformed more or less after processing. Even if process flat products, after surface treatment (such as electroplating, anode and other surfaces) processing will also has irregular deformation.
    These deformed products will have adverse consequences for the subsequent processes. They have to mobilize a lot of manpower to manually beat the products to level the products. But manpower leveling effect is not ideal. After a period of time, it will rebound. In order to solve this big problem, coil leveling machine can overcome various difficulties as above, and ensuring product quality. Saving labor cost at the same time.
    The sheet metal precision leveling machine with multiple rolls for flattening processes. During the rolling and leveling process, the internal stress of the product is eliminated, and the effect of precision leveling is achieved without rebound.
    Precision Steel Coil Straightener Description
    Model: SLM
    Width: 150-600mm
    Thickness: 0.2-1.5mm
    Speed: 22m/min
    Levelling roller adjustment: Four points fine micro adjustment
    Loop control: Touch sensor
    Drive method: All rolls are driven with side gear
    Precision Steel Coil Straightener Features
    1.Best for thin material 0.1-1.5mm thickness material.
    2.Open for clearing is available.
    3.Additional back up rolls for 300-500mm width.
    4.Additional back up rolls will reduce the deflection of work roll and make straightening performance more precise.
    Package and Lead Time
    Package: Well wrapped plywood boxes or container.
    Lead time: about 10days.
    Q: What is the term of payment?
    We accept T/T and L/C Payment.
    Q: What is the term of delivery?
    Q: Do you accept customized order?
    Yes, we can produce special machine according to customer request.
    Q: Do you inspect all your goods before delivery?
    Yes, we 100% inspect machine before delivery.
    Q: How is your after sales support?
    We provide technical support on line as well as overseas services by skillful Precision Stock Straighteners

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