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HM Bullwood Hall: Development Of Abandoned Prison Is Underway By Sanctuary Housing

Abandoned Bullwood Hall Prison Is In  Development By Sanctuary Housing

HM Bullwood Hall is under development by Sanctuary Housing after being abandoned in 2013 due to poor living conditions. The British government announced the prison to be of poor standard and would be one of seven British prisons to be closed down in 2013. The prison officially closed it’s doors on 28th March 2013 and as you can see from our video (above, filmed on 5th November 2017) demolition of the prison is now in progress.

A Brief History Of Bullwood Hall Prison

Bullwood Hall, a category C prison, is located in Hockley, Essex, was built in the 1960s on the 48.2 acre estate of Bullwood Hall after it was purchased by the Prison Commissioners in 1955. The prison was sometimes referred to as a “borstal school”, operated by Her Majesty’s Prison service, as it was initially constructed to serve as a Young Offenders Institution for females and eventually extended to also accommodate female adult prisoners.

Bullwood Hall Development Of Old Prison

The prison’s maximum capacity was two hundred and thirty-four with the prison cells being split over seven wings from A-G. Most prisons in Britain have facilities available to the inmates to help maintain fitness and provide entertainment, Bullwood Hall was no exception with features including a sports hall, an outdoor Astroturf field, a gym and a communal and recreational area.

How Bullwood Hall Became Well Known

Bullwood Hall became well known after it was a feature in a television documentary series called “The Real Bad Girls”. A report by the Chief Inspector of Prisons cristicised the prison in 2005 for practicing “slopping out” which involved manually emptying out human waste from prison cells that don’t contain a flushable toilet but the documentary portrayed the prison in a positive light non the less.

Bullwood Hall Prison Essex

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