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Exploring Oakhurst House In Ambergate – Legend Has It This House Is Haunted!

Above the village of Ambergate in Derbyshire sits a 19th century house that looks like it was built in the style of a common Tudor mansion. The house was constructed in 1848 by a local landowner called Francis Hurt. The building is constructed from ashover grit sandstone and sits behind Hurt’s iron forge (Ambergate wireworks).

In 1945 the house was divided into twelve flats during the post-war housing crisis but since the 1970s the house has been sat abandoned and has been decaying ever since. We had to take a look at this stunning looking house, and what we found inside was truly remarkable. Comments have been made that this house was haunted but, we experienced no paranormal activity and the remains had a very pleasant and warm feeling about them.


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