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We Explored The 19th Century St Thomas Hospital On Scarborough’s Seafront

St Thomas Hospital, Scarborough, has had plans put forward for demolition. The plans were set back in 2007 but the old hospital is still stood, rotting away as a listed building. Here you can see the plans proposed for the building.

NOTE: The video above is just of the back building of the hospital, please see photos below for the front building that’s facing the beach.

Very few people have stepped foot inside the 19th century St Thomas hospital on Scarborough’s seafront since it was abandoned many years ago, so we decided to be one of the first to take a peek inside the building for many years.

The large Italianate villa style hospital, originally known as The Royal Northern Sea Bathing Infirmary, was built between 1850 and 1860 and designed by William Baldwin.

st thomas hospital scarborough

St Thomas Hospital – First Visit

We visited St Thomas Hospital twice for some urban exploring. On our first visit to the hospital we didn’t manage to find a way to get inside the front part of the building (photo above) due to being bricked off – just past that brick wall would lead into the shops at the font.

Our second visit proved to be more successful after we found a way into the front building; we only have photos (below) of that part at the moment.

creepy stairs at abandoned St Thomas's hospital
There was nothing left in the back building of any significance except for quite a thick layer of bird excrement; I would say a good six inches deep all over the floor and it absolutely stank in there!

One of us soon found out how stinky bird poo really is when you get too close!! 😀 (Edit: And on the second visit two more of us fell in the poo).

How We Got Inside St Thomas’s Hospital

If you are interested in exploring the St Thomas Hospital we are happy to explain how we gained entry, but in the interest of not ruining the experience for other explorers we have restricted this information to registered users on our website. Please register here or login here to view the details.

St Thomas’s Hospital – Second Visit

We went back to explore St Thomas’s Hospital during the day in an attempt to gain access to the front part of the hospital.  With a little difficulty, Karim managed to gain entry. So now we have some nice pictures of the front building as well. Take a look at the photos below from our URBEX trip to St Thomas’s.

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