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Decaying & Abandoned Old Coronation Street Set Location Explored In Manchester

Abandoned Buildings In Manchester – The Old Coronation Street Set Location Waiting For Demolition

The old Coronation Street set is currently awaiting demolition and stands abandoned. Coronation Street is a nation’s favourite and longest running soap opera; the set used to live here but has recently been moved to a new location.

On the 15th January 2018 we explored the abandoned film set behind Granada studios.

The old Coronation Street set location was a purpose made film set located behind the Old Granada Studios in Manchester. The very first set wasn’t this one. It was built inside the studios and used from 1960 -1982. Then production was moved to this location where it served over 30 years. The site was sold to Manchester Quays Ltd in 2013 to become flats, office, restaurants and hotels as part of the St John’s Quarter development.

On 20 December 2013 the final scenes were filmed at this location. The set reopened in 2014 as a tourist attraction where people got to walk the famous street.

Since closure the set has overgrown and the buildings become dilapidated. The famous cobble street has been lifted and I believe lay in storage. There were talk of it being used in the new set, but I’m not sure if this happened or not. Planning permission was granted in 2015 and demolition teams moved in in March 2017. Although not much demolition seems to have taken place since then. Some of the facades have been taken down but that’s about it. There were also no signs of heavy machinery.

How We Got Inside The Coronation Street Film Set

If you’re interested in exploring the Coronation Street film set we are happy to explain how we gained entry, but in the interest of not ruining the experience for other explorers we have restricted this information to registered users on our website.┬áPlease register here or login here to view the details.

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